Exceptional Technology…Exceptional Service
As a technology leader, Aldar Vending is one of the few vending service providers in the state of New Jersey to “DEX” its vending machines. DEX is a data standard adopted by the vending industry for the purposes of creating a uniform interface method to extract sales tracking and cash accountability data from vending machines.

In addition, we have implemented the Streamware VendMAX software solution in the thousands of vending machines we own and operate.

Enhancing Customer Service through Exceptional Technology
Aldar Vending invests significant financial and human capital into harnessing leading edge software and hardware systems that provide item-level merchandising, complete cash accountability, inventory control, vended food tracking and forecasting, taxes, commissions and financial analysis.

Utilizing sophisticated handheld computers, each Aldar Vending route driver electronically downloads all sales, inventory and cash accounting data from our vending machines. The data collected from each client site visit includes exact product sales (how many snickers bars sold over the last day, week or month). In addition, we closely monitor the exact amount of coins and bills collected from each service visit.

From an item-level merchandising perspective, Aldar Vending utilizes this data to ensure desirable and popular selling products are stocked in each of its vending machines. Thus, a unique product “plan-o-gram” or customized menu program can be designed and implemented for each client.

Inventory Monitoring Guarantees the Freshest Products Available
Our handheld computers that monitor our vending machines link into our back office database, which allows Aldar Vending to maintain “just in time” inventory levels in its distribution center, so our clients receive the freshest products available.

At any given moment, our operations managers have total visibility into our distribution center and vending machine inventory. Inventory visibility equals informed decisions, quicker which keeps our vending machines stocked with the freshest foods at their peak of flavor and, most importantly, our clients happy.

State-of-the-Art Equipment
Our equipment consists of state-of-the-art snack, beverage and food vending machines designed by leading manufacturers such as Automatic Products, Crane National Vendors, and Dixie Narco.

Our snack and coffee machines are equipped with the latest Sure-Vend and Golden Eye guaranteed product delivery systems. This unique infrared technology detects whether the vended product has dropped, guaranteeing that our customers either receive their product selected, or the vending machine automatically returns the customer’s money.

Proactive and Preventative Maintenance
Along with a proactive and preventative maintenance program for each of our vending machines, our unique software and handheld computers track the daily technical performance of each machine. This means less downtime and fewer inconveniences for you. Simply, Aldar Vending manages the vending machines so you don't have to. One of our top priorities is to ensure that your vending machines are operating successfully day in and day out.



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